Monday, July 7, 2008

Gotta love a Muumuu!

I'm wearing a muumuu right now.  Yep, I'm typing away, as comfortable as can be in my muumuu.  And no, I have not turned into a fat old lady who eats ice cream out of the tub surrounded by her 50 cats.  That may be the image that most people have of women in muumuus, but here in Hawaii things are different.  Everyone wears muumuus!  It's amazing!  People wear them to work, shopping, to the beach, and just lounging around as I am now.  There's dressier ones, and more casual ones.  As it is warm here all year round, they are the perfect thing to run around in.  It's kind of my new favorite thing.  I even wore one to church yesterday.  I made it cute, mind you, with a belt and accessories, but it was a muumuu nonetheless.  I like to think myself authentically Hawaiian now.  And I got really lucky!  A few days after I got here, a church right down the road from Dorothy's had a huge rummage sale/kids day thing.  So I bought 5 muumuus for.....$1.00!  Really people.  You can't beat that.  not with a stick.  haha.  
Aloha wear is prominent here.  As it should be.  But before I got here, I thought I would see the occasional tourist or Hawaiian wearing a hawaiian shirt or such.  But everyone wears such fun, colorful clothes!  Hawaiian shirts and board shorts are a must for guys, and sundresses, muumuus, and sarongs are a must for girls.  And flip-flops are worn by 90% of everyone here!  Comfortable and casual makes up the Hawaii wardrobe!

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Shannon said...

Hey D-D!! Hope everything is going well with you. We miss ya! The last few weeks have been very interesting here. Keep in touch...Love Shannon