Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Planting Pineapples

Aloha!  I've been very slack about updating my little blog here, so sorry.  It's just so easy to do, well nothing, when you're in Hawaii.  But I did want to share the video of Amy and I planting a pineapple!  It is so easy to do, I'm sure all of you back home will be regular farmers when I get back!  First things first, look up pineapples on Wikipedia so you know everything you ever wanted or didn't want to know about pineapples.  Then, go get yourself a beautiful pineapple from your local grocers.  Then, twist the spiky part out of the actual pineapple until it comes out.  You may also chop this part of, then remove any part of pineapple still attached.  Here is a link to a video on how to cut a pineapple in case I'm confusing you guys. 
Then place the bottom of the spiky part in a bowl of water, and let set for a few days, until you see white roots start to come out of the bottom.  (Remember when you did this with potatoes in grade school?)  When the roots look long enough to plant, place in a pot of soil, and watch your pineapple plant grow!  It will, however, take about 2 years for it to produce an actual pineapple.  But, patience is a virtue, they say!  I hope you enjoy our lovely educational video.  And yes, I do look like a hippie in my tie-dye dress.  But hey, it's Hawaii and I'm planting pineapples.  


Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Hooray for the pineapple planters! You could have had that job on the farm for sure (if you'd wanted it). Now that it's named "Prawn", do you think in 18 months any of us will have the heart to eat the spawn of Prawn?

Raven said...

So darn cute! I'm going to plant a pineapple too!! By the way you have inspired me to have a Luau for my any tips on party and food ideas please do share!!!

Crystal Eichelberger said...

Your video was so cute! I loved the music! It's so Hawaiian! I hope you are having a good time there. Love ya!